Let’s Move – 2010

Let's Move CD final front
  1. Tick Tock Rock
  2. That Really Clean Kid
  3. The Cat is Walking Quietly
  4. Who is Sitting in the Living Room
  5. How is the Weather Today?
  6. 26 Letters From A to Z
  7. In a Circle
  8. Go Stop Slow
  9. At the Supermarket
  10. Up and Down
  11. In the Deep Blue Sea
  12. Dance and Wiggle
  • Loooooooooveeee your CD “Let’s Move” my students enjoy singing and acting out the song, The cat is walking quietly. I was also exploring your site and Mr. Brian…. you are a person with many talents…just by looking at the pictures and videos I can see the passion that you radiate in all you do!!!!!
  • I am a Preschool ESE teacher @ Margate Elementary School in Florida. I recently got one of your CD’s “Let’s Move” and it’s GGGGRRRREEEAAATTT!!!!! Most of my students are nonverbal and have delays in language or speech. Your music gives light to my classroom. My students love the song, “The cat is walking quietly” they want me to play it over and over again. They enjoy being the mice and I enjoy being the cat running after them. During circle time we also sing, “How is the weather today,” with visuals as well as with our unique guitars. I love to see my students having fun while dancing your fantastic music!!!!!!
  • Carol Pardo