Kids Love Puppets! Even the most shy child will open up to one.

They’re also great for encouraging kids to speak, sing, and play.

The truth is, puppets of any kind attract the attention of … any youngster, and helps keep it. Young kids don’t have a strong sense of disbelief and will interact with your puppet, as if it IS real! So, you can ask children to feed them, pet them, and hug them. But watch out, as as they progress in age (especially 5 years and up) they start to want to control the puppet. If you are using the puppet as a teacher, and you are close to them, you can always raise the puppet over their reach, and remind them to be gentle, because it hurts their new friend. Kids can relate to that feeling easily. Kids deserve the opportunity to use and create their own puppet friends. There are tons of resources online and in book form on making and using puppets! Give it a try! Send me some pics of your efforts. And most of all, have fun.