Rainbow Fun – 2000

Rainbow Fun CD ART funshine
  1. Hello to All Our Friends
  2. Funshine
  3. It’s Good to Be a Kid
  4. In the Morning
  5. The Body Part Song
  6. The Rainbow Song
  7. Alphabet Limbo
  8. Going to the Park
  9. A Different Kind of Animal
  10. If You’re Happy
  11. Ed the Dino
  12. How’s the Weather Today?
  13. Rainy Day
  14. Here and Up Above
  15. Pick Up Your Toys
  16. My Family
  17. That Alien Gal
  18. Train Kept Rolling
  19. Get Up and Dance
  20. How Old Are You Today/The New Birthday Song
  21. I Had a Dream
  22. Don’t Be Scared
  23. Good-bye to all our Friends
  • * There’s hope!
  • author: Maura D. Torino, Italy
  • I teach English to children in Torino,Italy. I was desperate for some music that was peppy, fun, and educational. Rainbow Fun rocks! The kids love it! They love to sing Hello/Goodbye To The Kids and these songs are infinitely more useful than the cd my boss gave me with songs like, What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor. If you don’t have Rainbow Fun…buy it now!
  • Let the Sun Shine on Brian Funshine!
  • author: Kelly Kinnard
  • Brian Funshine – Rainbow Fun
  • For children and those of us who grow, but refuse to grow up, Brian Funshine has released his debut CD, a sing-along instruction manual of peaceful, open-minded, important values. His low, somewhat Jim Croce-like voice, rings with optimism as he sings about enjoying nature, animals, outer-space, the rainbow spectrum, and accepting others – whatever their differences.
  • Abundant with talent, Brian sings both lead and harmony. Encompassing five instruments, he plays classical guitar, upright bass, five-string bass, mandolin and drums. Surprising the depths from which creativity and determination are conjured.
  • Brian plays each instrument as if he were handling a glass egg, with gentility, kindness and an overall positive attitude towards life, beginning with children and working his way up. And what is more important than our children?
  • Our sanity perhaps? This is where adults come in. Dont be surprised if you find yourself singing without realizing to this folk style music combined with rhythms from classic children’ssongs. My personal favorite is, That Alien Gal, for days when belonging seems awkward at best, an emotion we all surely experience. Brians melodies strike more than musical chords, but chords that are instrumental throughout life, beginning with the fundamentals. Be polite, dont judge, appreciate everything our human senses ingest, avoid irrational fears, celebrate every day.
  • While kids are gently guided into learning manners, respect, common courtesy and love, adults may also be easily influenced. Through this learning tool, Brian delivers a message of peace for children and adults alike. I’d be lying if I said I don’t listen to Brian Funshine when I’m alone.
  • Kelly C. Kinnard
  • Kel’s Kreashions
  • Degreed Free-Lance Writer
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  • Educational, Sensational, and Uniquely new music for kids and families
  • author: Family Fun Magazine
  • Brian Funshine’s debut CD, Rainbow Fun is a hit. The songs are diverse in style, pleasant for kids and adults, and easy to sing with your kids. It’s music for kids, that everyone can groove to.
  • From start to finish, Rainbow Fun is packed full of songs that evoke colorful images for everyone.
  • Songs about dinosaurs, monsters, animals, friends, family, aliens, etc.
  • WOW, how fun.
  • My personal favorite is Going to the Park, as it reminds me of my childhood, trips to the park with my family, and friends.
  • I highly recommend this cd for teachers, kids, and families, its a keeper, for sure,
  • thanks alot Brian Funshine,
  • Bill Mobley,
  • Family Fun Mag