• The magic word is FREE!! Yes, these are FREE coloring pages based on topics of many of my original songs, found on my CD’s!
  • Click to download, print, and color. Then if you want, email them to me, and I’ll post them on my web site, for the world to enjoy!!

Good Morning

04 This page is based on a song from my Second CD, Let’s Sing. The song is called Good Morning, and it talks about what you can eat for all three meals of the day!

Spaghetti Twist

03 This coloring page is best on my original song The Spaghetti Twist from my second CD, Let’s Sing. Why not print it, and color it in?? It’s fun!!
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In My Bathtub

02 This page is art based on the song In My Bathtub, from my second CD, Let’s Sing. Feel free to print and color. I’d love to see your work!
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Little Baby Dinosaur

01 This page is art based on my song, Little Baby Dinosaur from my second CD, Let’s Sing!! Feel free to download, print, and color!
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