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Team Building Workshops (challenge and trust theme), Love Learning English Workshop (ESL focus), Singing Workshop, Theater Improvisation Workshop, Group Dynamics Workshop Teacher Training for Educators Music and Movement in the ESL/EFL Classroom Games and Music Games in the ESL/EFL Classroom Creative Dramatics and Improvisation Activities in the ESL/EFL Classroom Team Building – Trust, cooperation, and challenge based curriculum (including options such as low challenge group dynamics and high ropes course programming – in association with other Taiwan based programs) Previous

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Taipei Improv Group Workshops

Meets Every Monday night 8.30-11pm on the 3rd floor of Gary’s studio and the price is $120nt dollars (GO TO Facebook FMI updates – Search – Taipei Improv Group) Gary’s Studio Space – Digital Canvas Films, walking distance from Ding Xi Station on the Yellow Line! exit 1, then turn left, walk for 3 minutes to…#9 Boai Street, Yonghe, 4th FL Yong He City, Taipei, Taiwan We are looking for people who are really interested in flexing their acting improvisation

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