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The Scooters Acapella

Here’s an old video of our Acapella group “The Scooters” In this video, is Bradley, Me (Brian), Jon, Nick, Brook, Dylan, and Stephan! The gig was our first, at the “Living Room” Ahh, those were the good ‘ol days! Watch Scooters: acapella singing group @ Taipei in Music | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Hand Percussion


One of my favorite hobbies is drumming. No, I don’t mean drum set drumming. I can’t do that to save my life. I mean hand drumming. In our house, we have Conga, Bongo, Djembe, Dunbek, a cool hybrid drum, and lots of fun shaker instruments! Have a monthly event called Taipei Potluck and Music Circle, that you can go to and there are always a few folks drumming there! If you want lessons or to buy a drum, let me

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Music – across the spectrum


My taste in music is so varied, because there is so much good stuff out there. As a Jazz Bassist and former Trumpet Player, Jazz is always in my heart. But Since I also play folk and children’s music on the Guitar, there is always one nearby. I also play Ukelele, Hand percussion, and some keyboard, mandolin, etc. For listening to music, I will include a list of my favorites and influences below!

Improvisation – Acting, Comedy, and More!


I’m a big fan of improvising. In life, we are always given chances to make it up as we go along. The people who are good at this tend to be more successful in life. I have started the Taipei Improv Group. Which meets to explore various forms of improvisation. In the future, we will perform, and share our skills with everyone! If you are interested, contact me, or find us on Facebook!



Kids Love Puppets! Even the most shy child will open up to one. They’re also great for encouraging kids to speak, sing, and play. The truth is, puppets of any kind attract the attention of … any youngster, and helps keep it. Young kids don’t have a strong sense of disbelief and will interact with your puppet, as if it IS real! So, you can ask children to feed them, pet them, and hug them. But watch out, as as

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Here in Taiwan, I have started a juggling group on Facebook called Taipei Jugglers Club. We get together and juggle, and do other similar movement art talents, including Poi, Hula, Contact Juggling, etc.