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Brian Funshine is ”voice’ of new pizza ad on TV in Taiwan

Brian Funshine Microphone Pic

American expat Brian Funshine is ”voice’ of new pizza ad >(as reported in the Taipei Times on February 10, 2009) by Dan Bloom, Contributing Reporter, Taipei Times TAIPEI — Remember those TV commercials for Domino’s Pizza that had a cute tagline that went “Da Mei Le, Da Le Mei”, which was a kind of a play on words with the name of the company and another phrase in Chinese meaning “Domino’s! Have you called?” Well the man who “acted” in

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Sunday Potluck in DaAn Park: A Fine Tradition


The Wild East news staff Tomorrow, you can spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon among old and new friends and musicians at the 30th Taipei Potluck. For over a year now, on the first Sunday of every month in DaAn Park (3 to 8+pm) the Taipei Potluck & Music Circle (大安公園共享音樂餐會) has gathered for vegetarian potlucks and music/drum circles. Says organizer Brian Funshine, “Bring your kind food, your good vibes, your instruments (guitars, hand drums, shakers, etc), frisbee, hacky sack, juggling

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