• I’m from Florida, USA. But now, my wife, Jenna and I live in Taiwan.
  • We do some travelling and performing in other regions too of course.
  • If you want to learn about our life in Taiwan, here’s the place to do that!!

    Le Rouge 義法廚房 – Italian at it’s best in Banqiao, Taipei, Taiwan

    le rouge

    Francis is a French Canadian dude, who grew up in a restaurateur family. He followed in the tracks of his parents and opened Le Rouge, in Banqiao, right next to 7-11 at Xinpu MRT station, on the Blue Line. Amazing Pastas, Calzones, Pizzas, soups (try the minestrone!) and salads, a great Lunch menu (179nt), and great beer and wines too! There is plenty of room for large groups, and if you post a photo on FB, you can win a free dessert!! As with all my posts about food, it has great choices for VEGETARIANS!!! http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2008/08/15/2003420400 here’s a taipei Times feature!! http://zh-tw.facebook.com/pages/Le-Rouge-%E7%BE%A9%E6%B3%95%E5%BB%9A%E6%88%BF/166753270043348?sk=wall and here’s the FB link!! 2255-2861 for info

    Hidden Hot Spring / Waterfall Paradise – North Side of Yang Ming Mountain

    • OK, here’s the deal. There’s this really cool waterfall/hotspring paradise place located in a natural place on the north side of Yang Ming Mountain. There is even a bus that goes straight to it.
    • The catch is, there is a sign out front that says, in Chinese only, if I remember right, that if you go there, you will be fined 15,000nt (500 USD or so). Well, everyone else goes, so we did too. And man, it was BEAUTIFUL!
    • Are you willing to go? If so, write me an email, and I’ll tell you how to get there!! You won’t be dissapointed!

    My Favorite Pizza in Taipei – Faust Pizza Lounge

    • Pizza is not exactly something Taiwan is known for. Usually, it’s lame, overpriced, poorly prepared, and to most foreigners’ dismay, contains weird ingredients like corn, seaweed, ketchup, or mayonnaise.
    • Fortunately, there are a few places that are an exception to this standard. One is Faust Pizza Lounge! They are friendly, quick, CHEAP, and easy to get to.
    • Conveniently located behind Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, right on Ren Ai Road, you can walk there in less than 10 minutes! The address is No. 502, Sec 4, Ren Ai Rd, Xinyi District. Phone 2758-7687 (order by phone if you don’t want to wait during busy times)
    • Oh, and they have a great selection of import Belgian Beers too!!
    • I prefer to sit outside, but depending on the time of the day, mosquitos are hungry there too!

    Full Moon Gardens – Natural, beautiful and close to Taipei

  • One of my favorite natural places within reasonable distance from Taipei City is Full Moon Gardens (Man Yue Yuan). The closest town is San Xia, and depending on how you go, is about 40-50 minutes drive from Taipei City. There are buses that go there a few times a day, but I wouldn’t rely on them.
  • Full Moon Gardens has tons of safe and reasonable trails, rivers, streams, waterfalls, trees, and occasional animals, if you’re quiet enough to not scare them away. It’s not too crowded, depending on when you go. If you are really adventurous, you can hike for many hours through the extended trail system.
  • This location is thoroughly written about in Richard Saunder’s book Taipei Day Trips 2, available through the Community Center in Tienmu (community.com.tw)
  • By the way, when I posted about this place on Facebook, my friend PM’d me and asked me to not post about it, cause it was his “best kept secret place”
  • Well worth the trip!! Enjoy!